1. NARS Oil-Free Pro-Primer Pore Refiner

First, you are going to want to start priming your face for a polished look with the NARS Oil-Free Pro-Primer Pore Refiner. Often, people liken make-up artistry to painting. Your face is a canvas to build upon, and like a painter, you’re going to want to prep and prime, to get the smoothest surface to work with. I love that this primer has a very natural, herbal kind of scent to it, reminiscent of skincare products.

What this lightweight, gel-like primer does is soften and moisturize your skin. On top of that, it is formulated to reduce the visibility of pores, and improve the overall appearance of your skin. Sometimes, in high-resolution images, or under bad lighting, our skin’s imperfections can be magnified, and this primer helps to fix that problem by smoothening the skin for a flawless appearance. This is definitely one of the more important steps for a perfect no makeup makeup look.

Be sure to apply primer evenly on every part of your face!


2. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (shown in Light 4)

Step two is foundation. With a descriptive name like that, I think you’re going to wonder, does it really do all it says as advertised on the tin? After using this on the first few occasions, I realized that my skin had taken on a nice luminosity. Your skin will look a lot more natural, than a matte foundation or powder which can make our face look flat and a little less natural! This foundation illuminates the skin, and highlights the best features. Who doesn’t like naturally glowing, happy looking skin? You won’t even need to reach for an expensive highlighter anymore because this foundation does the job.

This foundation is also made to last all day (up to 16 hours)! Which is great for me, because I’m not a fan of touching up my makeup in the middle of the day.

My most favourite part about this foundation is that it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t feel like there’s cakey makeup on my face. The texture is velveteen smooth, making it quick and easy to blend.

It’s perfect for those who would normally shy away from liquid foundation for fear that foundation is too heavy and thick. Not this one, it doesn’t even feel like you have make up on, yet it really helps achieve that perfect no makeup makeup look.

Coverage is medium and goes a long way, so pump just a little foundation. Blending is so easy. I find that simply using fingers to apply this foundation is effective. But if you prefer using a beauty blender or stiff brush, this foundation is liquid-like and doesn’t need the warmth of your hands to make it easier to blend!

3. NARS Creamy Concealer (shown in Chantilly) and  4. NARS Finishing Powder (shown in Flesh)


The second to last step is Concealer! If you have amazing skin, then you can skip this step. For those with a few more imperfections like uneven pigmentation or redness (like me) or want to cover up pimples or scars, this is really useful for brightening up dull skin whilst at the same time really concealing spots with amazing coverage. The Creamy Concealer works wonders at reducing dark circles under the eyes. As I write this, my very own Creamy Concealer has finished and I need to pick up a new one from the NARS store. The Creamy Concealer is definitely one of my all-time favourites from NARS and I’ve used it religiously ever since.

The final step is to apply a finishing powder to set your makeup! This makes sure your makeup doesn’t stray away. I love this because it’s almost non-visible, and silky soft and easy to work with. The powder is the finishing touch to your makeup, to really pull everything together into a masterpiece. It’s like a spritz of fixative on a beautiful oil painting.

And you’re done!

What you should have at the end is a really natural, glowing, flawless, and polished look you can wear everyday, aka the no makeup makeup look. This look feels both weightless, and looks effortlessly natural and fresh. Its longevity means your makeup will survive the long hours and humidity and help you power through the day like a #girlboss.

Get your flawless look on, and go forth and do amazing things!


[Disclaimer: Products sponsored by NARS Cosmetics. All reviews and opinions in this piece are my own after using these products for several months, and for the Creamy Concealer, a few years.]

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