Lime Crime Review: True Love Set

Lime Crime True Love Set
Not too long ago, right around Valentine’s Day last February, I purchased Lime Crime’s ‘True Love Set’ from their online store,

Quite ironically, RIGHT after my first purchase from Lime Crime, I stumbled across this article titled ‘Why Lime Crime is the Most Hated Beauty Company on the Internet’ that talks about the scandals, accusations, threats to take legal action, health warnings, Hitler costumes, and the controversy surrounding the company, etc, etc.

After which, I went back on the Lime Crime site to find that they had an actual page on the website dedicated to busting Internet myths and proving facts about the company.

Well, after digesting all of that Internet chatter (which you can Google search and read all about if you’re curious!), all I could do was shrug my shoulders.

I had already parted with my money and could only wait and see what the quality of the products would be like!

At first I was a bit hesitant. While international shipping was available to my country (Singapore) unlike some other makeup brands like Colour Pop Cosmetics, I was made aware that once my order had left The States, tracking would not be available anymore. Which is a little scary if you think about it.

So if you’re from overseas and tracking is unavailable for your country, at least you’ll know that tracking is available up until the point the parcel leaves America and you can check on its status on the Lime Crime website.

My order did eventually safely arrive in my hands a few weeks later, and thank god. I was very excited. The packaging was gorgeous. The ordinary white box that my order came in was lined with a pretty floral wallpaper-like interior, and my brand new products were nestled in soft pink paper.

Dubiousness aside, I’m here to give my rant/rave and thoughts on Lime Crime’s products (and not so much on the ethics of their company and or founder, Doe Deere).

Lime Crime True Love Set
The Lime Crime True Love Set features 3 matte liquid lipsticks – Cupid, True Love, and Saint. As of the date of this post, the Lime Crime True Love Set is available and retails at USD 44.00. On the website, the True Love Set is described as …

“Truly loving yourself. This Limited Edition Trio is inspired by the luscious shades of rose petals. Comes in a giftable pink box.
Cupid – soft petal pink
True Love – vibrant pinky red
Saint – deep cranberry red”.

Here, I’ve swatched the three colours. This is what it looks like swatched on my Chinese skin tone (I have both pink and yellow undertones).

1. Day time, indoors (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
2. Day time, outdoors under direct sunlight (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
3. Day time, outdoors under indirect sunlight (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
4. Night time, indoor lighting. I’m wearing Cupid here (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set
5. Day time, outdoor lighting. I’m wearing True Love here (below):

Lime Crime True Love Set

Lime Crime True Love Set
Photo Credit: Lime Crime

Cupid is a warm, peachy nude, with some brown undertones. I would describe it as something Kylie Jenner would wear. It was not as light ballet pink as advertised but it was my personal favourite – and the reason why I bought the True Love Set in the first place. After trying these matte lipsticks from Lime Crime, I do feel that the colour pigments are more on the darker side than on the lighter side, which is good, as it means that pretty much anyone of any complexion can wear their lippies without their mouth looking washed out.

True Love got me lots of compliments. It’s a bright pinkish red with blue undertones. Of the three, it was more or less the same level of dryness as Cupid. I wore it to work and got complimented on it but still I found it a little too blue and pink for my liking and it wasn’t my favourite, although I can imagine that other girls and women would like this colour a lot. (I didn’t really intend on getting True Love, I was definitely more interested in Saint and Cupid when I ordered the Trio of matte lipsticks.)

Ah, Saint. It is advertised as a deep cranberry. When I wear it, it was a lot more of a dark and deep brown-red than true to colour. I didn’t like it and removed it immediately when I tried it on, so I didn’t take any pictures of myself wearing Saint. I found the formulation to feel different from the other two as well. It was the most drying of the lot. I have found that other beauty bloggers have agreed with me on this. When purchasing lipsticks online, it’s always good to look at swatches online which are done by people of a similar skin colour to you so you roughly know how it looks like in real life, rather than solely relying on images done by the makeup company itself and feeling a bit cheated or disappointed!

This was my first time buying Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I would say Lime Crime is much better quality than MAC for liquid lipsticks, MAC being the only other brand I have tried out. I felt that the MAC liquid lipsticks were way too sticky and pale in colour and totally did not look good on my Asian complexion. It would probably look good on fair, Caucasian skin.

I have orders for Gerard Cosmetics as well as Colour Pop Cosmetics coming in hopefully next week or the week after, so I’ll definitely be able to really compare the different brands when they’ve arrived.

With matte liquid lipsticks, it’s super important to exfoliate your lips so you don’t have any dead or dry skin on your lip flaking off and sticking out under the matte liquid lipstick upon application. Matte liquid lipsticks can feel very drying the first time you try it. You literally cannot feel the moisture on your lips. And as advice, before applying the liquid lipstick, ALWAYS apply some lip balm. Matte lipstick and dry, cracked lips is a painful and horrific combination. I don’t live in the UK anymore, so I can’t imagine how it would be like to wear matte lipstick in the UK, it would probably be a no from me. I also noticed that some makeup remover and makeup remover wipes don’t do a good job with taking off Lime Crime’s matte liquid lipstick – I ended up with tons of tissue and cotton wool getting stuck to my mouth. Apply a layer of lip balm and gently remove, or use a strong makeup remover when you are attempting to remove your matte liquid lipstick.

On a final note, I do have another Lime Crime lipstick that came with this order, and that is Riot. I’ve been wearing it for the past few days and been carrying it in my bag. If you’re going for that whole bee stung lips look but have thin lips, I would strongly recommend a nude or light pink matte lipstick. It really works wonders at volumising your lips and really enhances your overall makeup look! Lastly, I really like the beautiful finishing and packaging for the matte liquid lipsticks and am thinking of maybe getting a few more cute matte lippies from Lime Crime in the future – but I’ll definitely refer to swatches online before purchasing.

One thought on “Lime Crime Review: True Love Set

  1. Hey Rachel! I recently bought lime crime products from their website in mid feb. I need your advise cause I understand after it has left the states we cant track them anymore. I cant track my prcel anymore, and im just wondering how long did it take for your parcel to arrive your doorstep? Cause I have absolutely no clue about my package. I knoe its been a long time since this post, but Im going to try my best to find out how to estimate it.


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