Bespoke Box SG

Bespoke Box SG Review

As far as I’m aware, Bespoke Box SG is the first of its kind of boxes in Singapore, and so I immediately knew I had to give Bespoke Box SG a try!

Bespoke Box SG

Bespoke Box SG came to fruition with a fabulous idea by three women who understood the pains of girlhood and womanhood. In a world that often frowns upon any mention of periods and pads, this is a welcome and awesome revolution in itself, made by women for women.

In their very cute and spirited yet true words, “To make this period (pun intended) more bearable for our fellow comrades, we curated an anti-PMS kit in hopes of bringing some comfort and fun!”

Bespoke Box SG

What is Bespoke Box SG?

Bespoke Box SG is a monthly subscription service for ladies who have to go through that especially horrible time of month.

Bespoke Box comes in three different subscription plans – 3 months, 6 months, and a 1 year plan.

Needless to say, for most of us, when Aunt Flo comes to visit, we have to endure her for several days. At times, the pain is just so unbearable that you can’t leave your bed.

Personally, the very worst of periods would have my legs feeling like heavy logs of wood, and it feels like I have a rubberband around my waist and I simply feel so drained and lethargic that I literally cannot stand.

So that’s where Bespoke Box SG comes in. On a monthly basis, to put a smile back on your face and to make this awful few days of the month a little more bearable, Bespoke Box SG will send a special box of goodies right to your doorstep once a month!

Not only that, they will send it a week before your period comes! How thoughtful is that?

And for those of us who might not be able to commit long-term, why not get the single month boxes to try out first? There are so many options for you to choose from on their website (, and they make a great gift idea for girlfriends.

And even better, Bespoke Box SG offers free local shipping! Hurray!

Now to the fun part – Unboxing!

In each and every Bespoke Box SG package are 5 amazing handpicked products curated by the ladies of Bespoke Box SG.

Bespoke Box SG

These range from essential beauty products to feminine hygiene products, delicious snacks, and little artisanal gifts. There will always be something for everyone.

All items in the monthly subscription box comes in either travel size or full size, so you needn’t worry about receiving sample size items. Plus, Bespoke Box SG will always choose the best quality out there, and so rest assured you will get your money’s worth!

My Bespoke Box SG was valued at $37 and retailed at $22. Isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that you’re getting what you pay for? And if you need more reasons to try Bespoke Box SG, you’ll know that you’ll be supporting small local businesses in Singapore by purchasing a box.

Bespoke Box SG

In my kit, I received a cute handmade voodoo doll, a pack of Poise pantyliners, a Sierra Bee’s honey lip balm, PMS tea, a Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Hand Therapy travel size hand cream, a box of Chocolate Pocky, and a Pretz snack!  

Bespoke Box SG

I thought that the chocolate Pocky was really smart to include in the Bespoke Box SG because when you’re experiencing PMS and on your period, nothing tastes as good or is as comforting as chocolate. After all, chocolate doesn’t ask questions!

Bespoke Box SG

The Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream was lovely and balmy, and had a heavenly and relaxing fragrance. I loved it. Plus the act of moisturizing your hands and elbows is so calming. Om!

Bespoke Box SG

The organic PMS herbal tea was a great and thoughtful idea – several amazing tea bags to calm down the senses, put you in a good mood and to alleviate PMS symptoms! Oh, and it’s caffeine-free if you’re allergic to caffeine like me.

Bespoke Box SG

The Sierra Bee’s honey lip balm was simply amazing and really moisturized my otherwise cracked and poorly lips! The honey flavour was really there, unlike others I’ve tried – I could tell there was real honey in the lipbalm. Plus it’s friendly for small bags so it’s convenient when you’re travelling or simply leaving the house.

Sadly, I haven’t yet had the chance to open the Pretz, but I’m sure I will enjoy this savoury snack when I’m having cravings in the middle of the night.

Bespoke Box SG

And I loved that the Poise pantyliners were part of my Bespoke Box. Never underestimate the usefulness of Poise when Aunty Flo might turn up at any moment!! (Oh, the horror.)

I thought the voodoo doll was quite hilarious!!A friend even asked me to give the voodoo doll to them! Hahaha hmm sadly I haven’t figured out any spells… or have had anyone made me so mad that I want to stab a voodoo doll. (Yet.)

So, where and how do I sign up for Bespoke Box SG?!

To sign up, simply follow this easy step-by-step guide below!

Bespoke Box SG

Oh, and did you know – Bespoke Box SG will even calculate your cycle for you? How fantastic is that.

So if you get the year-long subscription, you can just look out for the postman with a Bespoke Box SG in hand and you will know Aunty Rose will be visiting soon and mentally prepare for your period.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit to shop their monthly subscriptions! (:

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