Nuud deodorant review

Nuud deodorant – does it work?

I guess you could say I’m very impressionable. I bought this environmentally friendly nuud deodorant after seeing an ad on Instagram Stories, reading online reviews and reading the website. I had very high hopes because of all of the positive reviews online and numerous claims on the website.

Disclaimer: I didn’t come across any negative reviews prior to purchasing, and perhaps that should have been a huge red flag. This is my review after using this product every single day for 24 days. I did not use any other deodorant during this period of time.

First and foremost, I bought this Nuud Starter Pack from for €12.95 which works out to about SGD19.71. The starter pack tube is 15ml and supposedly lasts for around 6 weeks on average. Quite expensive for what it is I think. If I’m not mistaken, nuud deodorant is from Utrecht, Netherlands.

There are also a ton of claims on the website of what nuud deodorant can do.

I’ll summarise them below:-

⁃ Environmentally friendly

⁃ All natural product

⁃ 100% vegan and no animal testing

⁃ No aluminium, no parabens, no propellants, no artificial fragrances, no chemicals, no alcohol

⁃ No stains

⁃ No clogging, healthy sweating

⁃ Sugar cane tube and biodegradable cardboard box packaging

⁃ Sustainable production and CO2 neutral free shipping

⁃ Patented formula

⁃ Odor free application from 3-7 days with one single application, prevents odor by neutralising bacteria

⁃ Exercising, showering, being active = 100% effective

Do products we see advertised on Instagram really work? I saw lots of positive reviews about how this product worked for days with a single application and was thrilled.

Sadly I don’t really think this product is for me. I’m not sure if I will actually re-purchase when this runs out. Let me go through some of the website claims versus my experience.

No stains: Ok I think this is fairly true. Deodorants that contain aluminium leave a yellow stain on certain clothing around the pits over time. This deodorant doesn’t contain harmful aluminium. Conclusion: I’ve only used this product for a little under one month and haven’t worn lots of white long sleeved shirts lately, so it could be a premature conclusion. But so far, no stains.

No clogging, healthy sweating: This means that the nuud deodorant is NOT an anti-perspirant but a deodorant. Personally, I will agree that it is not an anti-perspirant and allows you to sweat. Whether or not that sweat is “healthy” sweat per se I think is arguable. Does it clog? The nuud deodorant does leave a sunscreen-like texture on your skin. You also have to apply it to your pits with your hands like sunscreen. I also found that it would probably be advisable to wash off the nuud deodorant before using any hair removal cream as I found that applying hair removal cream directly may result in less effective hair removal results. Conclusion: no clogging to an extent, healthy sweating to an extent.

Odor free application from 3-7 days with one single application, prevents odor by neutralising bacteria and exercising, showering, being active = 100% effective: This one I disagree with almost entirely. Conclusion: For me, it lasted at most 2 days on one occasion only, and some days it lasts less than a few hours without exercise even. Nuud recommends that you apply their deodorant to your armpits right after showering. Idk that just doesn’t sit with me, after showering I like to be free of any product on my body. My experience is that the deodorant doesn’t work effectively every day, and some days you’re probably not any worse off skipping on the deodorant (maybe even worse off by using deodorant). For me the nuud deodorant doesn’t deodorise sometimes, especially living in a humid country, resulting in a lot of self-consciousness and annoyance.

I don’t think this product deodorises bacteria well and wouldn’t recommend using this if you can’t afford it and if you live in a warm country and if you sweat a lot. Just no.

Only buy this if you live in a cold country, don’t sweat much, and can afford this expensive deodorant. That’s my personal take on this nuud deodorant in terms of deodorising. Also, the website claims the deodorant is VERY concentrated and even that a pea-sized blob of deodorant can last days. I disagree with this claim. I find that for nuud deodorant to work somewhat effectively for me in 30 degree weather, I have to use about 2 pea sized blobs per pit. I don’t think the deodorant is concentrated at all. If I use too little deodorant (i.e. one pea sized blob), it simply doesn’t work at all.

Lastly, for full disclosure, I just want to add that I left a comment asking how long the “detox period” should last and saying that it hasn’t really worked well for me so far on nuud’s Instagram account and my comment was deleted subsequently by them/their supposed bot.

Whether there are any other remotely negative comments on the product which were left on their Instagram and which have since been deleted – I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Feel free to let me know in the comments your honest views/opinions after having used nuud deodorant!

5 thoughts on “Nuud deodorant review

  1. Hi, Rachel. I’m very happy to see your review as I couldn’t find anything negative or a bit neutral about this product. I also have the starter-pack and after more than 2 weeks, I’m either still detoxing or the product is simply not working for me. I was very intrigued that there’s no info on how long the detox period lasts. I’m disappointed that they make it seem like it works for everyone when it obviously doesn’t. Do you have any updates since you wrote the article?


    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your message! I’ve finished using it and can confirm after using it for close to five months that my views now are still the same as when I wrote this post 🙂 Hope that helps! Please do let me know if you find a good natural deodorant!


  2. Dear Rachel, after two months of detoxing, the deodorant finally started working for me. Still, there is nothing on their website or any other social media channel that the detox could take so long. Happy to have been patient with my body. About alternatives: I have friends who use baking soda with a small drop of essential oil. I know it sounds weird, but apparently, it’s working perfectly. And it’s cheap. All the best to you!


  3. I haven’t seen any negative reviews either which is rather suspicious since every body is different.
    I’ve been using Nuud for 3 days. On the first day I was smelling my BO. Applied on the second day. Same. Applied Nuud on the third day – Still BO. Not strong, but I can smell it. I might carry on for another week and see how it goes.


  4. I’m surprised by this review but definitely diff things work for diff bodies. I used another natural deodorant for months that didn’t work. I tried nurd for 2 wks and wasn’t impressed but that 3rd week i was! i only need a pea sized amount, i can go about 3 days between applications and i never smell! I’m amazed. i guess my detox period was 2 weeks, and i def could get stinky believe me. I’ve been using 3 months now and even after a hard work out I’m shocked how well it works in that i have no odor, no stinky pits. so glad i found something that works. i guess depending on your body chemistry it can vary but for me I’m very happy to have a go to natural deodorant that stops the stink of sweat! ZenArtbyJess on IG 🙂


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