Rustic Bouquets from Bloom Haus Singapore

To celebrate the end of a tiring week, I received this surprise one of a kind bouquet from a new florist I came across online, Bloom Haus! (You can find them at @bloomhaus_sg on Instagram)


Isn’t it rustic and cute? I love the simplicity, and it isn’t showy at all. I love flowers, and this botanical bouquet from Bloom Haus is no exception. It really reminds me of Australia with its gorgeous eucalyptus leaves. The colour is so relaxing, wouldn’t you agree? I also adore the red artichoke-like protea flower. Today I learned that they can withstand forest fires, and are a symbol of change and renewal in South African culture. Proteas are also known as sugarbushes, which is just adorable.

The purple puffy flowers are purple alliums! I really like them as well, they are just so incredibly cute and round. Who needs fireworks when we have flowers, right? Just look at the little explosions of pink and purple in a round ball that nature has gifted us.


All of the flowers from Bloom Haus had arrived in a bouquet, but I thought that since these flowers are long-lasting and can dry, it would be best to keep and preserve them in a vase for longevity.


My house now smells heavenly and fresh, it’s hard to explain, but it’s a very natural, appealing, floral smell in the air! Mmm. So I decided to place my existing dried eucalyptus branches behind the flowers and voila! I think it looks so homely, perfect and even more complete now. I also think the red ribbon added a nice touch.

I debated over where to place my new flowers – on my balcony? In my bathroom? (It did give a more complete and hospitable feel to my bathroom) Or maybe even on the staircase? I decided to settle for the last one. That way, whenever I leave my bedroom in the morning, the first thing I will see are my beautiful blooms from Bloom Haus!

Many thanks to Bloom Haus for this gorgeous, and original rustic bouquet, I really like it.

Do check out http://www.instagram/bloomhaus_sg to order your very own bespoke Bloom Haus floral bouquet!

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