Shake Shack Orchard: Yay or Nay?

I’m not gonna lie, I was very elated to hear about the opening of Shake Shack’s third Singapore outlet outside Liat Towers! (I’ve popped the address at the bottom of this post)

This is the nearest Shake Shack outlet for me, and until yesterday, I had never tried Shake Shack before (though if I recall correctly, they were in London, I just never tried it).

The first Shake Shack outlet in Singapore is at Jewel (in the East, very near Changi Airport) and the second is over at Neil Road (Tanjong Pagar, basically very near Singapore’s central business district).

For the avoidance of any doubt, this is an honest, unfiltered, non-sponsored food review of Shake Shack Orchard (but if Shake Shack wants to sponsor, please do contact me! I’ll be more than happy to provide a sponsored food review 😜). It’s also my FIRST time trying their food and drink, so let’s get right into it.

See the photo above? That is the queue for takeaway orders. There’s a separate queue behind (from where I’ve taken the above photo) for dine-in. The latter queue is pretty much unsheltered, so as it was a swelteringly hot day, they offered us a massive Shake Shack umbrella as well as bottles of water.

Each bottle was about 450ml of water imported from Korea by the Paris Baguette company.

The fancy water bottle even won a Red Dot Design in 2015 I believe.

The water was a nice cold respite from the heat! #thankful

I’m not sure how long we waited, perhaps 20-30 minutes. I also asked for them to let us have a copy of the menu to browse since I couldn’t locate it online. Here it is:

(It’s a bit ominous that there is a disclaimer on the menu regarding eating uncooked meat. Perhaps this is some sort of legal protection for Shake Shack in case a customer eats an under-cooked burger and wants to sue for negligence, personal injury, food poisoning, etc.?)

Interestingly, Shake Shack Orchard sells dog biscuits, and they also sell bags, keychains, lego sets and other Shake Shack memorabilia. I note that there are some menu items which are exclusive to Singapore, such as the Pandan Shake, and some items which are specific to Shake Shack Orchard, eg. Orchard Traffic Jam!

We didn’t try the Shake Shack shakes or concretes (frozen custard with toppings mixed in) on our first visit. The Smoke Shack burger caught my eye, but after seeing photos on their self service ordering machine, I thought it would be best to go with their OG burger, the ShackBurger, and their crinkle cut fries.

The wait for the food took another good 15 minutes or so. I would probably recommend visiting Shake Shack Orchard if you aren’t starving, if not you might get very hangry at the wait and the weather.

In total, we spent $22.50 on the ShackBurger (double beef patty), the fries, and the Sparkling Lemonade (passionfruit and raspberry).

The price is quite premium, so expect to fork out a bit more than what you would spend at other fast food outlets like McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

Regarding the outdoor seating, I noted that there are two extremely large, standing air conditioner/fans, and also a few tiny modern looking, Dyson-esque fans attached to the umbrella overhead. They are a little ineffectual against the Singapore heat, so it is probably better to either sit near the large A/Cs or sit indoors which is probably cooler. I also wasn’t a fan of the chairs, they’re extremely uncomfortable and stiff, at a strange angle. The chairs themselves also have a huge gaping space, which makes it hard to put your bag and belongings (it may fall through, as I witnessed another guest’s belongings did). Sitting on the benches was more comfy.

At least one nice thing about sitting outdoors is the pretty mural of Singapore by Danielle Tay! It’s a very photogenic wall. I love the greenery and spotting all the local icons and buildings on it.

The fries came with a nice generous tub of mustard and ketchup. I found both sauces a little on the sour side. The ketchup tastes like the Maggi bottled sauce.

The fries were surprisingly skinny, I was expecting them to be a little plumper and filled with more potato. But the fries were definitely generous, and a good thing about Shake Shack is the super generous portion size, just like what you would get in America.

Somehow, the food at Shake Shack, even though would be considered to be processed, doesn’t taste all that oily, greasy and unhealthy. It doesn’t leave you feeling gross and queasy after in spite of the fact that it’s fast food (okay, but the serving of the food and getting the food itself is not fast). I would even venture to say that it’s on the healthier scale of fast food. Maybe the opposite of say, a burger chain like Five Guys.

The sparkling lemonade came with lots of raspberries and little slices of lemon. It was also a just little bit sour and watered down. But it wasn’t too bad, and it was refreshing, cutting through any grease. But next time, I may just go ahead and try the peanut butter shake from Shake Shack. Let’s move on to the star of the show, the Shack Burger itself!

Side note: When you order at Shake Shack, everything is pretty much a la carte. The burgers don’t come with fries or as a set and you have to order each item separately. For burgers, you can choose single or double patty. Vegetarians and non-beef eaters can opt for the Shroom Burger.

The beef patties in the Shack Burger were pretty juicy and delicious. At some point while I was eating, there was a really hard bit of gristle though that felt like a tiny bone.

The beef patties were coated in lots of cheese (reminds me very much of McDonald’s Big Mac). The tomatoes were fresh (lol, also when I first sat down at Shack Shack, the table we were at had a piece of tomato wedged in it, it was quite off putting). The buns themselves are soft and yellowy on the inside, I think it’s sort of like a garlic spread on the inside – think garlic bread! I think if I visit Shake Shack Orchard again, I’ll definitely try out the SmokeStack, milkshakes, etc.! Just so I can say I’ve tried more of their menu.

So that sums up my first visit to Shake Shack Orchard. I don’t think I have anything really unpleasant to say. Really appreciate the cold water on a hot day, and the food was decent and aesthetically pleasing for sure (although the price was decadent). Have you been to Shake Shack? What do you think of the food and the brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Shake Shack Orchard

541 Orchard Road,

#01-01 Liat Towers,

Singapore 238881

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