Apple Marina Bay Sands: Newest Apple store in the world

Today was really quite an exciting and fun day, I had the privilege of attending the opening day of Apple’s 3rd Singapore store at Marina Bay Sands. This is the world’s first ‘floating’ Apple store, and it was pretty exclusive to visit the store today. While it was not a media preview, members of the public had to sign up online to reserve a slot to visit Apple Marina Bay Sands today, Thursday 10 September 2020. I was quite hyper after my visit to the world’s newest Apple store.

As you can see, it is a very unique spherical building and it apparently took five (5) years for Apple to purchase the property and build the building and the bridge.

The inside of the two floor building is also inspired very much by the Pantheon and the oculus.

It is pretty cool! I believe the exterior is made from many pieces of glass. And there are steel structures to support the building if I’m not wrong. Right at the top near the oculus like skylight are two sprinklers which are motion-sensored and can sense where the heat is coming from, and will direct the water towards that area of the building. Pretty neat. Then there are two tiers of surveillance cameras.

I think the glass is also tinted in a gradation, so nearer the top, it’s much more heavily tinted than the bottom, to prevent too much sunlight and UV from entering the building and I guess harming our skin.

One of the Apple technicians also gave me a tour of the building. When I first entered, all the employees in the store clapped (as if I had won an award). And then they did this for all of today’s visitors. My tour guide also gave me a quick rundown of this futuristic space.

We talked about the trees inside the Apple store. He mentioned since there’s a lot of natural light in the store, they decided to use the ficus trees found outside the Apple Orchard store inside this Apple Marina Bay Sands store. He also explained that the leather on the seats shown above comes from the same supplier as the one used by Hérmes.

I also noticed in this store there are more long benches. The seating around the trees is the same as in the Orchard store.

My Apple store tour guide also mentioned that the wood ceiling has hundreds of holes drilled into the wood, to ensure the sounds aren’t too amplified and the sound is insulated. To me, this is brilliant and totally understanding of the customer. I can’t stand places where you can hear every single small noise being amplified. It’s really jarring. So this was a considerate and thoughtful aspect of the interior design of the Apple store.

Just to backtrack a little, this is the entrance of the Apple Marina Bay Sands shop. It’s a very nice and long walkway. At the end is the escalator to the upper level.

Externally is the Apple logo glowing. It does make me sad that this is discontinued on Apple laptops (my current Macbook Pro from 2015 still has it). But I hope they’ll bring it back someday together with the matte black Macbook (my first Macbook and it was so, so beautiful!)

Sorry I digress. Yes so on the first floor of the Apple store there are different avenues/bays showcasing various Apple products. Like there’s a section dedicated to Arcade, another for phone cases, etc etc.

This section here is dedicated to the Apple watch straps. I love the colours! Apparently this is special and just one of two in the world, the other being at Fifth Avenue in New York.

These are the escalators that bring you up. Apparently this Apple store formerly used to be a club called Avalon.

There is a mirror with a huge glowing Apple logo at the back of the huge screen. It’s the logo you can see on the building from the outside and isn’t actually part of the glass structure. (The long structures to cut out the light and glare you see above are also not part of the glass). There was even a queue to take a picture with the mirrored wall.

The view of the Marina bay area from inside this Apple store is amazing. You can see a Merlion sculpture, Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore’s skyscrapers, Fullerton hotel and lots more.

This is a pano shot taken by my Apple tour guide. Isn’t it gorgeous! It’s quite challenging to capture the whole 360° view of the Apple store.

The Apple Marina Bay Sands store is also home to the first stainless steel spherical lift in an Apple store. There’s a glass version in New York I believe.

I did get the opportunity to discuss with the Apple Genius and browse some laptops like the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Wanted to get a new phone cover but they ran out of the ones I wanted for my phone model so I will probably have to look online.

Apple, being so generous, did not leave me empty handed before I left the Apple store. They gifted me two things: a tote bag and a sticker, to commemorate the Apple Marina Bay Sands opening! The tote feels like upcycled plastic, kind of like Freitag with its recycled tarp, but maybe this one, the bag is made from PET bottles or something. It had a pretty strong smell at the end of the day and I had to air it to get rid of the intense plastic smell. Nevertheless I love the red and holographic bits. The red and white is definitely very Singapore.

It’s pretty cool.

So that rounds up my visit today to Apple Marina Bay Sands, an incredibly iconic and memorable Apple store, and as of the time of writing, the newest Apple store in the world! Do pay a visit and enjoy this great Apple experience, this is also a really great place to take gorgeous photos. The lighting is just great. I think even coming to take pictures of the exterior at night is nice, I’ve seen dozens of beautiful nighttime shots of Apple Marina Bay Sands.

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