Shake Shack Suntec City

For my second Shake Shack experience, I received an invite to check out Shake Shack’s latest Singapore shack at none other than Suntec City. Boy, was I thrilled!!

If you are ever at Suntec City and have no idea what to eat, don’t forget about Shake Shack. It’s located in the West wing of the sprawling Suntec City mall, on level 1 at #01-357 and opens at 11am and closes late at 9.30pm! Here are some photos to make the restaurant easier to identify 🙂

Ok, so let’s get down to the meaty (nitty) gritty bits. There’s a huge, lovely menu and you’ll be spoiled for choice as to what to order! Honestly it took a while for me to decide what to order. They even sell dog treats and tumblers if you want to take home a Shake Shack treat for your pet dog or if you simply want to bring home a piece of beloved Shake Shack merch!
So neat and tidy – I love this organised part of Shake Shack.

The tumblers are really awesome quality (feel so solid and sleek), pretty cool and keep your drinks either hot or cold for a long time, and created in collaboration with our own local artist Ripple Root! The duo are also the artists behind the beautiful murals at the Suntec City Shake Shack outlet! Here’s a close up of the lovely murals – don’t forget to check the cool mural outside the restaurant too 🙂

Ok let’s get into the real juicy parts, I’m sure you’re curious about what’s nice and worth ordering at Shake Shack…

First I knew I needed a drink to go with my yum Shake Shack meal. I was so thirsty. So I ordered what I had been dying to try – THEIR PEANUT BUTTER MALTED MILKSHAKE. It was really good! I 10/10 would recommend this drink if you can take milkshakes, love milkshakes, or love malted milkshakes as much as me. If you’re lactose intolerant, you might wanna share this drink with someone not lactose intolerant :p You’ve been warned, lactose intolerant folks. Anyway this is so yummy, I miss it! It’s difficult to find a good heavenly thick milkshake. Yes Shake Shack’s milkshake is extremely thick and satisfying. Give a try and let me know what you think.

After mulling it over, I decided to order not the single patty burger but the ShackMeister Burger with TWO Angus beef patties. Droool. Now what’s so great about this special, limited edition burger you ask? First, look at it! Omg.

The one and only ShackMeister has such a generous serving of crispy fried shallots – and they’re not just any shallots. The shallots are marinated in Shake Shack’s custom-brewed ShackMeister ale.


Before I forget, I need to tell you the limited edition ShackMeister menu which includes these beautiful ale-marinated shallots will only be available at Singapore Shake Shack outlets until middle of November (16 November 2020). So if you haven’t tried the ShackMeister, go visit a Shake Shack outlet ASAP before it leaves!

The ShackMeister was originally created for a burger contest back in 2015 in the US and won the prize for Best Burger. I feel like fried shallots is quite a key part of Asian/Chinese cuisine… so having ShackMeister in Singapore is the perfect addition to the local menu.

The shallots add a lovely crispy, fresh, yummy, garlicky, oniony crunch to the burger. After being marinated in ShackMeister ale, the shallots are costed with cayenne and paprika and fried until they are crispy and golden. If you love onion rings you will love everything on the ShackMeister menu at Shake Shack.

Another thing I love about the ShackMeister is how generous the burger is! It’s not stingy and also the buns are so fluffy and garlicky like garlic bread. Best burger ever.

So since the menu is for a limited time only, I of course had to try the ShackMeister Cheese Fries. Gotta admit the impact wasn’t the same because I ate the burger first so I highly recommend eating the fries and burger together for maximum ShackMeister flavour and crispiness!

I’m quite a boring person so… I had to order their normal fries too which I just love so much.

The CRINKLE CUT FRIES ARE SO GOOD. They’re really addictive and tasty. Love them with ketchup and mustard. You can really taste the potato-y goodness of the fries and the crinkle cut means there’s a lot more crispy french fry surface to enjoy.

I also ate the fries with their frozen custard because I couldn’t resist this salty-sweet cold dessert combo.

Guys, let me admit, I couldn’t decide which Concrete frozen custard dessert to order.

Everything sounded so amazing. It was a hard decision to pick just one.

I decided to go with the special pecan brownie dessert created in collaboration with tart extraordinaire Cheryl Koh.

Had no regrets, it was really the icing on the cake! The size of the dessert is also so generous. You can take away if you can’t finish it 🙂 I think that’s a big part of US food culture.

You gotta order the frozen custard. It’s so rich, thick, creamy and cold and just melts in your mouth. The pecans are nutty and crunchy, the brownie so chocolatey…. Heavenly really.

Exclusive to Shake Shack Suntec City is the Matcha Made in Heaven, a strawberry and green tea frozen vanilla custard dessert blended with a strawberry yuzu jam and buttery shortbread, topped with premium green tea powder. Really wanted to try this but I’m allergic to green tea so had to sit this one out. But anyway it sounds so splendid, please do give this a try if you’re at Suntec!

So that concludes my awesome dinner at Shake Shack Suntec City, I was quite lucky to bump into my friend Janel and her friend at Shake Shack so I had company 🙂

Shake Shack is best enjoyed with friends and I hope you enjoyed this post. Do let me know what’s your go to order at Shake Shack!

Until my next meal at Shake Shack, I’ll be dreaming of their delicious burgers and milkshakes and fries and desserts!!

Many thanks and lots of love to Vim and Vigour and Shake Shack for having me and letting me visit the new Suntec City outlet and try Shake Shack’s limited edition ShackMeister menu. I can’t wait to go back to Shake Shack 🙂

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