Shake Shack VivoCity Singapore’s 5th Outlet: Burgers and Desserts with a Waterfront View

Calling all Burger fans! You will be so happy to note that the newest Shack has finally shored up at Shake Shack VivoCity.

Conveniently located at Singapore’s most massive mall, this is a warm welcome for diners, both young and with families. With the nearest train station Harbourfront being so closely connected to the mall there’s no reason not to visit. I was very lucky to be able to visit their newest fast food restaurant before the grand opening to get a feel of the place.

I’m gonna do something different today – I will write my food review and it will be followed by photos – please enjoy! 🙂

The ambiance of Shake Shack VivoCity is similar to other Shake Shack outlets in Singapore.

There’s a long screen showcasing Singapore’s breathtaking and iconic architecture, and lots of greenery in the store.

As is typical in Shake Shack outlets, there’s also a beautiful mural done in partnership with a local artist because Shake Shack is all about supporting Singapore’s art scene and giving back to the community.

The new semi-abstract art piece is done by local artist Eeshaun and it features Singapore’s icons amidst Shack Shack’s beloved food and beverages.

Unique to this Shake Shack store is its sea inspiration – expect lots of greens – even the metallic ceiling was inspired by the glittery flecks of the sea on a sunny day! After all, Shake Shack VivoCity is located right on the harbour. The glass exterior of the outlet allows patrons to enjoy a nice view of Singapore’s waters.

After gazing at the generous menu, I decided to take this opportunity to try out Shake Shack’s famous SmokeStack. It had lots of yummy pickle flavour (surprisingly!) and the burger was absolutely oozing with cheese, bacon and beef. Yum!

I also ordered the classic Shake Shack burger because I was greedy like that. Full discretion – I had Shake Shack for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day.

After my delicious mains, I dug into Shake Shack VivoCity’s store-exclusive Concrete dessert – Viva La Vivo! It has shards of strawberry waffle cone, and colourful rainbow sprinkles atop a thick strawberry vanilla custard. A definite throwback to our childhood favourite treats, it really brought back warm, fuzzy memories of ice cream uncles selling ice cream to the public on their mobile ice cream carts! A must order for lovers of all things strawberry flavoured.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE dipping Shake Shack’s crinkle cut fries into the frozen custard – french fries and ice cream is a killer combo. It goes so well – sweet and salty.

Another dessert exclusive to Shake Shack VivoCity is none other than Sugee Bougie. This particular dessert is a collab between Ms Kueh and Shake Shack – featuring a Eurasian dessert, Sugee cake. I love love LOVE this dessert – it has so much citrusy flavour and yummy orange zest and orange rind to it. I highly recommend it. The Concretes do tend to be on the heavier side admittedly, but the Sugee Bougie is incredibly refreshing and light!

Last but not least, I ordered their famous milkshake – the Peanut Butter malted one is my favourite but do also check out their Christmas special!

The burgers are awesome but do give these yummy, fruity desserts and milkshakes a try when you visit Shake Shack Vivo City! I promise you’ll love them as much as I do.

Many thanks to Vim & Vigour and Shake Shack for letting me visit Shake Shack VivoCity and try all its yummy food. I will be back real soon with my Shake Shack swag 🙂

Visit Shake Shack VivoCity at



1 Harbourfront Walk,


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