Dumplings.ru: Authentic Russian food experience

One of the more recent openings at Maxwell Chambers is none other than Dumplings.ru, almost like a hole in the wall, this unsuspecting, humble Russian restaurant specialises in Russian dumplings. Formerly known as Angmoh Dumplings, I think the restaurant name change offers curious Singaporeans a better idea of what food is served.

With the growing variety of cuisines in Singapore, you don’t have to put on a fur coat and travel thousands of miles to go on this gastronomical adventure.

For the adventurous, the menu at Dumplings.ru offers exciting herring salads as well as savoury jellies filled with meat. I imagine these unique Russian food would bring lots of warm comfort amidst a cold winter – after all, Russia is one of the coldest countries on earth, if not the chilliest.

First up we had these Russian drinks. Highly doubt you can get these anywhere else in Singapore. On the right is the kvass and on the left is the kompot. Kompot is a non-alcoholic, fruity beverage. I found it to be filled with lots of berry flavour, and at first sip, it reminded me of Ribena, but with a stronger, more intense berry taste. Kind of reminds me of a berry compote as a drink. Kvass on the other hand, is a fermented drink similar to kombucha, I found it really fizzy.

Next we were served a Borscht soup – I expected Borscht to be tomato-y and thick but it’s actually more of a vegetable soup, with lots of sauerkraut flavour. It was quite savoury, flavourful, and delicious – reminds me of a homecooked meal.

The atmosphere of the place was quite unlike any I’ve been to in Singapore. It did remind me of the UK, quite unvarnished and not pretentious, covered in printouts of Soviet era posters. Caviar lovers may want to try the Russian caviar available!

After the soup appetiser, we shared the Chebureki – a Russian version of a pastry puff. It’s a simple meat dish covered in dill – if you like a meat pie I think you might like this. Russian food seems to be quite unvarnished, simple and plain tasting, allowing for the natural flavours of the meat to take precedence. I feel like Russian food is probably best enjoyed on a cold day!

The last item we shared was the combo dumplings platter. These Russian dumplings are homemade (we saw them making the dumplings before the restaurant opened) and have a thicker skin compared to typical Chinese dumplings in Singapore. It’s definitely more chewy in texture and the portion of meat in the dumplings is quite substantial.

The combo platter lets you try an assortment of Dumplings.ru’s dumplings – think lamb dumplings, pork dumplings, beef dumplings, potato and bacon and more! Personally, I preferred the potato filled dumplings over the meat ones which were a lil heavy and filling! I didn’t really like the sour cream that went with it, so I had my dumplings with the mayonnaise which came with the Chebureki. I wish there were other sauce options. Each dumpling is actually quite substantial, so I would suggest not over ordering the dumplings. I felt like the food at Dumplings.ru is probably quite close to what home-cooked Russian food is like… I didn’t really find the food to taste like fusion food or like adjusted to fit the Singaporean palette (as some restaurants do).

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to visit Dumplings.ru again, and try out the rest of their food!! PS. They do serve Russian beer, desserts and many other crepes and soups.

I would highly recommend making a telephone reservation as the tables are highly sought after. Note that they may not entertain walk-ins (as we saw a couple was turned away the moment the restaurant opened) if the restaurant is fully booked, so it’s really best to book in advance!


32 Maxwell Road,

#01-05 Maxwell Chambers,

Singapore 069115

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