My Aesop Facial Experience (Updated 2021)

Took my first 1/2 day off work in about 5 months for my Aesop facial (and massage) which I’ve been patiently waiting for for more than a year! 😊 Decided to write up an update on my second facial experience to my previous first time facial on 31 December 2019 (pre-Covid days) which you can read about over here 🧖🏻‍♀️

First, a word of warning: it’s hard to get on the waitlist (there’s approximately 200 people on the waitlist at any one time) and you’ll need to generally leave your phone on non-silent mode to make sure you don’t miss the call from the therapist. Further, apparently the Aesop facial space was closed from February to July 2020! Hence the best way to get a slot is to be available for a facial any time. Weekend slots are hard to come by, and also, previously they had 4 slots a day and now it’s reduced to three slots a day (12pm, 2pm, 5pm).

Facial prices also change every 2 years. So back in 2019, I had paid $150 for a one hour facial. In 2021, the price has gone up to $170 which I do feel is steep (and somehow my previous experience felt more value for money).

My therapist for today was Tiffany, who’s quite different from my previous therapist, Kit. I do think that every Aesop employee is quite different from one another (I wrote previously that the therapists were Kit and Lynn, so I’m not sure who the other therapist is currently). In terms of differences, for instance, Kit previously served my favourite Aesop tea but Tiffany didn’t. There was more of a leg massage with Kit, and for Tiffany, it was more of a shoulder massage. Kit also didn’t book my next facial appointment but Tiffany did without prompting. Kit did more extraction as requested. Maybe I just had fewer blackheads/whiteheads today so there wasn’t a need for so much extraction! 😅 So there is some difference between my first and second facial experience. For some reason, my first experience felt longer.

My first facial also had Marrakech Intense perfume available and the Violet Leaf Hair Balm. If I’m not mistaken, there was a deodorant spray as well that time. But this time there wasn’t any of these products available for use, perhaps because of Covid…

Today I also learned that the music is customisable (you can ask for jazz for instance) and that the previous customer was a lawyer. I don’t know, that just amused me but I’ll leave out the details of what kind of lawyer 😂

The products today were of the same range (Calm Collect) but slightly different. Like the last time, the products are heated up in a heated bowl and applied using a stiff brush:-

Step 1: Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (has quite a mask like texture, applied concurrently with a steamer)

Step 2: In Two Minds Facial Cleanser (foamier than I recall, not too bad, also applied with a steamer)

Step 3: Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque

Step 4: Control (on acne areas only)

Step 5: B & Tea Balancing Toner

Step 6: Protective Facial Lotion SPF25 (this is a bit oily too)

Step 7: Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum (think I quite like this)

Cedar & Citrus Lip Salve (a newish product I believe)

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum (for hydrating the eye area but felt this was a bit too greasy for my liking and my sensitive eyelids, not really necessary)

I also got samples of the new Sculpt Hair Polish (an aromatic grooming gel to shape, hold and polish the hair, with a glossy finish suited to wet look styling. Comb through wet or dry hair, style as desired) as well as the Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum. Kit had mentioned previously my skin was dehydrated. Today Tiffany said my skin had lots of congestion… Perhaps due to the weather and genetics. And my oily skin condition is apparently due to dehydrated skin so I need to apply more religiously skin hydrating moisturisers. And also that I need to: (1) exfoliate my face twice a week, which I already do; and (2) do a clay mask twice a week, to improve my skin’s condition.

Reading back on my post, I mentioned the music was classical and Hans Zimmer-esque. Noted that the music volume can be adjusted (both therapists had asked about this) and today’s music had lots of vocalisation… for some reason it made me feel like I was in a rural part of the UK near a cliff 😂 Whereas the music previously was more cinematic and made me feel like I was in Inception. Interesting. Let’s see how my third facial appointment goes, I might try a different therapist this time just to see!

Do let me know in the comments if you’ve gone for a facial at

Aesop or which facial place in Singapore you typically visit 🙂

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